This typical Canarian House was an old jam factory, founded in the mid-nineteenth century by the Spanish trader D. Máximo Cutillas. The mansion was extended with a second floor in 1892, the year in which Asunción was born. She was the nine children of D. Máximo, most of whom emigrated to the American continent. Years later the house became the property of Dr. Luján, husband of Asunción, who changed it into a place of leisure and home of the following Cutillas generations. The present owners, as a homage to their ancestors, have converted it into a cosy Rural Tourism House, full of history and remembrances, keeping many of the old construction elements, such as the old mill stone and the “aljibe (sunken cistern). The house has a splendid view. Next to it a reasonable swimming point has been built. The presence of many objects, used by its dwellers for more than two centuries, kept with love and care, gives the place a special atmosphere charged with local history.

This rural house has a swimming pool in shared use with other two rural houses and 2 apartments. The size of the swimming pool is: 7m x 4m x 1,60 m deep and 6,5m x 4,20m x 3 m and 0,85m deep.